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mary’s art on the cover of
Swami Hari:
I am a simple forest monk

mary’s resume
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Mary Bowman Cline  

gallery at

work from 2002-2007

Artist’s Statement:
In the mid 1960s, the “Art Train”
made a stop in my home town
of Plymouth Michigan. Four rail cars
had been converted into galleries
and a classroom which travelled
around the Midwest as a moving
mini-museum. My school’s art teacher asked me to represent young emerging artists by demonstrating ceramics
— at the age of six!
   I knew then that I would be an artist
for the rest of my life...


current oil paintings

forget me not
french lemon
No expectations

Songs of the Trees
forget me not
Dancing in the Field



Rocks and Poppies
The Daily Question No. 1

The End of Grand
Four miniatures, smaller than a penny
Hermes' Lazy Brother


phone 763.442.1340      email mary at yogamary dot com

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